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A Narrative Essay on “Favorite Thing that Got Stolen" – Tips & Tricks 2022

The main purpose of writing a narrative essay is to tell a fictional or real-life story. Narrative essays are usually written in the form of a story and depend on personal experiences and feelings. While writing a narration, a writer must include the conventional storytelling techniques such as settings, endings, plots, and situations to make it more impactful and to convey the main narrative across the readers.


In high school or composition class in college, you must have been assigned the task of writing narrative essays. These types of essays are usually descriptive and allow you to be more creative and imaginative as compared to other forms of academic writings. These essays are usually assigned to test the expressive ability of the students and to identify their compelling writing skills.


If you are wondering how to write an effective narrative essay like an essay writer free, then this article will provide you with a few valuable tips along with a sample for your better understanding.



  1. First, think about the storyline and plot before starting writing a narrative essay. A good story portrays and illustrates the situation, and incidents in such a way that evokes an emotional connection with the readers.
  2. When you are writing a narrative essay, include the essential elements of the story such as settings, plot, rising action, conflicting situation, theme, plot, and conclusion.
  3. You should not ignore your emotions and sentiments while writing the essay. The more passionate and expressive you are while explaining your experiences, the more appealing your essay would be for your readers.
  4. While writing the introduction, use a hook and background information about the incidents to provide a comprehensive overview of the story.
  5. The main body should contain the setting,  and preceding incidents. The actions, outcomes, and morals should be included in the body paragraphs to evoke interest among the readers.
  6. In the end, including the concluding remarks. Conclusion in the essay is as important as an introduction. Restate information and essential aspects of the story in the conclusion and state the lesson learned from the experiences.
  7. Use the first-person narrative while you are writing a narrative essay. Avoid excessive details and try to keep a balance while explaining the events, experience, or emotional state.
  8. Use an active voice while narrating your story and use the idioms and phrases to better communicate with the readers.

By following these tips and regular practice, you will be able to write an impactful essay. However, if you still feel anxious about writing, you can take help from a professional essay writing service to make sure that you get an effectively written essay.


Sample: Favorite thing that got stolen

Few things are quite precious in our lives and their worth can't be judged by the price. These accessories are important because of the association of some memory with them or some emotional connection. There is no alternative to those things therefore, if you lose those precious things then it gives you a feeling of anguish. At times, such incidents are the most unfortunate happenings that could happen to anyone. One of my favorite things that was stolen was my watch which was a gift from my father.


Two years ago, my father gave me a wrist watch which has been in my family for many generations. It was a traditional Vestige Swiss wristwatch which was inherited by my father when he was a young boy. The watch was beautifully designed with black leather and a golden dial. While he was handing it over to me on my 20th birthday, he specially mentioned its importance and advised me to take care of it. It was one of my most treasured possessions. Although it wasn't very expensive, nevertheless due to sentimental reasons, it was pretty special to me.


Last Christmas, I took it out at a family gathering and was showing it to my cousin brothers with pride. Everyone admired the features of the watch and expressed their admiration due to the fact that it has been in my family for many generations. I vividly remember, after everyone saw it, I placed it back in the box and went to my room. While I was in my room, my brother came along in search of something and I started chatting with him. While we were chatting, I forgot to place the watch in the cupboard and went outside.  


After the celebrations were over, I went back to my room and thought of placing the watch at its place. When I started searching for it, I was devastated and panicked as my watch was nowhere to be found. I searched every room in my house and inquired about all the family members but no one had any clue about it. I tried to check the CCTV footage to locate if anyone picked it but all in vain. My family was pretty upset after they learned that it had been stolen. It was not easy for me to process the fact that I have lost such valuable possession. I felt that I have lost my grandparent’s blessing. Whenever I asked college essay writer to write my essay, I pay extra attention to the fact that readers can relate to the story to have a better understanding and interest.


That wrist watch was a reminder of the affection of my father and grandfather and losing it was one of the most unfortunate events. It still makes me sad whenever I think about it. I also regret not properly placing it in my cupboard as it was due to my carelessness that I lost it. I still feel remorse for losing it and often ponder upon the fact that if I had placed it in the lock, it would have been in my possession. 



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