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A Critical Essay on “Child Abuse" - Tips & Guide 2022

To critically analyze a specific topic one should write a critical essay. This type of essay demands analyzing the topic and obtaining sufficient information. Once all the necessary data is gathered the writer critically analyzes the data and then demonstrates his point of view. Critical essays are best produced when the reader wants to have different information about the topic and also the opinion of the writer. 


An essay writer free who wants to write a critical essay needs to conduct research and gather data on the topic. Once done the writer can then critically analyze the data and start documenting the essay. Critical essays are often complex because writers often face issues in critically analyzing the data gathered. However, experienced writers can easily provide an interesting critical essay. 



They are different points which a writer needs to keep in mind while writing a critical essay. Few of these common points: 

  • Gather sufficient data on the topic 
  • Deeply study two-three works completed by different writers 
  • Have the main argument or statement clearly illustrated. 
  • Explain the argument based on externally gathered information. 
  • Arguments should be understandable. 
  • Follow the complete format of the critical essay. 
  • Examine different viewpoints. 
  • Sum of all the points during the personal argument. 


Critical essays might be complicated for new writers so for them the solution is to make use of a good college essay writer. This is because through this they can attain good grades and thus focus on areas that are of their interest. The customer should conduct sufficient research before availing of their services. This is important as it would minimize the chances of future problems. 


As a writer, I understand that writing is not easy. Many people do not have an interest in writing. For them, it is difficult to write their essays. If I was in the position of such people I would hire an experienced professional writer to either to help me or write my essay for me. This is because through this one can easily get the work done and focus on other areas of their interest. They are services available online which are assisting such people. One should simply avail of their services to easily get their work completed. 


Different types of essays require different skills and techniques. It might be complex to follow all these techniques. Due to which writers face issues in writing the essay. One such type of essay is a critical essay. Critical essays are complex to write because they are different points and objectives which need to be kept in mind while writing a critical essay. 


Sample of critical essay 

Child abuse has been a social issue for a long time. This issue is noticed in nearly every country and the percent of this issue is high in developing countries. Researchers observed different issues which are giving rise to child abuse. Despite their suggestions and recommendations, the increasing ratio of child abuse is not being controlled. The main cause of this is lack of concentration and too much negligence from the society and government. To attain sufficient data related to child abuse it is important to critically analyze the issue and the data gathered. Upon analyzing the main objective or analysis can be stated. 


Child abuse can be of different types. It could be sexual, physical, or mental abuse. Most commonly the cases reported are of physical abuse. However, over the past few years, sexual abuse of children is also becoming common. This is because these children are not aware of sexual harassment and as a result, they fail in protecting themselves. Mental abuse is also observed but the cases reported are less in number. This is because normally people with abusive nature target the victim physically or sexually. Such children often suffer from different mental issues. This is due to the treatment they get resultantly affecting their mental health. 


Child abuse is common not only among the poor but also in financially strong families. This is because having an abuser at home can also lead to serious problems for the family members. Cases of child abuse are noticed in both developed and non-developed countries. However, it is common among illiterate people. They are numerous cases of child abuse and both the genders are being the victim of child abuse. Based on an average mainly boys are being targeted for child abuse. 


Child abuse is the most commonly observed social issue which has raised numerous issues in society. People should be made aware of child abuse. Moreover, children should be taught to defend themselves and stand for themselves. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes should adopt the act of making children aware of child abuse. Through this, the increasing cases of child abuse can be controlled. This would also be beneficial for future success and development. Children should be able to distinguish whether they are being abused, disrespected, or tortured. They should be taught to stand against violence. This is important for their future development and growth. 


Based on the above illustrated points it can be stated child abuse is a serious issue in society. This issue needs consideration from both the government and also other senior authorities. The consequences of child abuse are problematic for both the child and the country. This is because through this their self-respect gets hurt and they are less likely to function as normal human beings. The increasing cases of child abuse should be controlled and children should be taught to fight or protect themselves from abusers. 



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