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A Cause-and-Effect Essay on “Illegal Immigration" – Tips & Sample 2022


Different new types of essays have been introduced. The reason behind this is their need and purpose. This need and purpose in addition to the way of writing essays is unique and different for every type of essay and is a reason that makes every type of essay unique and different from one another. However effective writing skills can help in writing any type of essay. According to the professional writer of a well-known essay writing service, students, as well as beginner writers, should emphasize improving their writing skills as effective writing skills are a key to writing any sort of essay effectively. 


To teach effective writing skills instructors assign their students with a number of different writing-based assignments. Most of these writing-based assignments involve writing different types of essays. However, students often complain that they are not able to write different types of essays. The reason behind this is that they are not aware of the purpose for which these different types of essays are written and the way they are written.


I recently heard a 7th-grade student telling essay writer online  “Bro, please help me write my essay or at least tell me what makes these different types of essays different from one another”. To help students learn in identifying and writing effectively the different types of essays, parents, as well as teachers, should emphasize helping them in learning the purpose and the way of every essay. Learning the difference will show them what is to be written in which particular type of essay. 



Cause and effect essay is the type of essay in which the writer presents the different causes and effects of the subject which is to be targeted in the topic. In this type of essay generally, the essay writer is required to show how one particular thing, event, or person impacts the other thing, event, or person. Mentioned below are some of the tips for writing effective cause and effect essays:


  1. Select an appropriate topic for your cause and effect essay. An appropriate topic is one for which you can easily identify the different causes and effects. Selecting a random topic for the cause-and-effect essay will result in a lack of ideas to be discussed in the essay. Apart from that, a topic that interests the writer, as well as the audience, should be selected for the cause and effect essay. As it will help in generating more ideas and will easily attract the attention of the audience.
  2. Prepare a detailed outline before starting the cause-and-effect essay. The main points to be discussed in the essay should be included in the outline in different paragraphs. Meaning that one point should be discussed per paragraph to provide a clear understanding to the readers.
  3. The logical and clear throughout the cause and effect essay provide your audience with a clear understanding of the ideas you want to convey.
  4. Use simple language and words so that every type of reader can easily understand the ideas you want to share with your audience.


Sample cause-and-effect essay on “illegal immigration”

Illegal immigration is a common and very well-known issue on the borders of almost all the countries throughout the world. Most of the countries have been led to serious situations because of the effects of illegal immigration in those countries. Recent highlights a number of different effects of illegal immigration on the countries. However, Illegal immigration is blamed to have negative effects on the society, economy, and jobs. 


Economic character is one of the causes of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are mostly found to be from countries that are less developed or poor. And the reason for their immigration is to find a better job, specifically one with higher wages and increasing benefits. Inadequate structure of policies of migration is another cause of illegal immigration. In addition to that, the inappropriate or incomplete regulation of Immigrants in different countries leads people to get into those countries illegally. The use of illegal mechanisms to migrate to two different countries provides them the opportunity to enter those countries in an illegal manner. This is common specifically for those people who want better earnings and can find good opportunities in the other countries they want to migrate to. 


The loss of job opportunities for the citizens of the country is one of the causes of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is the reason people are not able to find jobs in their own country even if they are eligible. This is because most of the jobs are taken by illegal immigrants which leaves behind nothing for the citizens of those countries. This issue is not common in a particular discipline or area rather holds equal importance for all the disciplines or areas of the country. Another cause of illegal immigration is that the citizens of the country are paid less even if they possess the skills and abilities equal to the colleagues who are illegal immigrants. 


Apart from these job-related effects, illegal immigration has severely affected society and the people as well. This effect can be seen in the form of the development of different illegal works in the country. These illegal works are developed by illegal immigrants and are also an attraction for those citizens of the country who are not able to earn money for their livelihood. 


Appropriate channels or policies of migration can assist in avoiding illegal immigrants to enter the country or across the borders. This in turn can prevent different negative effects of illegal immigration. 



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