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How to prepare for the USE in 3.5 months?

How to prepare for the USE in 3.5 months? February is approaching, but you have not even begun to prepare for the USE? Then consider this article a real magic wand. Today we tell you how to prepare for the USE in 3.5 months no worse than in a year. Let's go!

The minuses of preparation To begin with, in order to dispel all fears and misgivings, we'll give you a website that will be very useful in your task of preparation also talk about the difficulties and obstacles that you will meet on the way of short-term preparation:

Not enough time. 3.5 months is really quite a short period, so you should consider that you will have to work harder, and the excuses and indulgences should be put aside.

I won't have time to work on all of the topics. This fear can be called logical, but with the right allocation of time and with the good help of third-party services such as you can not only pass the entire codifier, but also work it out to the maximum points.

Not enough motivation Here a lot, unfortunately or fortunately, depends on you. Burnout and fatigue are absolutely normal phenomena for the stressful pre-examination period, but remember that the goals and dreams of the future always prove to be stronger. It's just like in a good, cool TV series.

Preparing myself is not an option for me, and 3.5 months before the USE a good tutor or course is impossible to find. And these fears we will dispel right this minute. It seems like it's time to move on to the pros!

The pros of preparation There is a well-known phrase that says that in everything you need to look for the positives. "Well, what good can you find 3.5 months before the USE?" - you're bound to ask. And we'll answer:

All passed material will be fresh for you. That is, the problems such as "I took it back in September, and have long since forgotten" you will not face.

Emotional burnout is a "NO!" Imagine how much more energy and motivation people who are just starting to prepare. Believe me, you will not only catch up, but even overtake your comrades who have devoted half a year of their lives to the USE.

So, let's not beat around the bush for a long time: here's a wand (still the same magic, don't doubt) opportunity to resort to custom research paper Yes, yes, this is where we dispelled the myth that you cannot find a decent course in so small interval before the USE.

Who is suitable for the master group? The course is designed for people who literally jump into the last carriage and start preparing for exams 3.5 months in advance.

How many lessons are waiting for me? 16-20 full lessons, during which you will definitely cover the entire codifier!

How will we reinforce the material? Are we going to google the samples all by ourselves? No, no, and no! A new and effective system of two levels of homework awaits you:

Level 1 - reinforcement of what you learned in class;

2 level - a deeper dive into the subject and consolidation of what has been learned before;

Believe me, it is simply impossible to forget or not to work on something)

And if I know the topic, do I have to waste precious time again and go over it from scratch? A special recommendation system optimizes each student's schedule individually: removes what is well-studied, puts the emphasis on problematic topics. Don't worry, no one will let you waste your cherished time!

How can I keep track of my successes and failures? For this purpose, created a section "progress" in which you will find your current level of training, and with its help you can independently build a training program, practicing and learning the material you want.

It turns out that before the USE I will not have time to write a single trial? No, you won't. You'll get two monthly practice tests, which will paint a realistic picture and give you a chance to try your hand at a real CMM.

After all, I prepare very little, which means that there will be a lot of questions, and the teacher will allocate time for each, I'm sure, will not be able to ... For this you will have your own online tutor, who will explain all the theoretical misunderstandings within five minutes.

I know myself, and I'm sure I'll run into problems... I'll be all alone... But you do not have to worry about that: you will be added to the special support chat, where the arising technical or organizational problems will be solved at any time of the day or night.

And finally, some bonus information: you will have "Prodlenka" in PRO tariff. Yes, just like in elementary school, when you do your homework for a long time and wait for your parents to finally take you home.

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